BJ’s Bits: From Alabama to Kuwait – Country Tunes & Global Grooves

In this episode, BJ hosts a unique listener from Kuwait who tunes into 96.9 The Legend during work hours, bridging the thousands of miles with the shared love for country music. Listen as BJ indulges this distant listener’s request, spinning the classic Merle Haggard hit, “Swinging Door,” and discussing the rich history and universal appeal of country music.

Expect a blend of laughter, music appreciation, and a glimpse into the life of a listener thousands of miles away. As BJ showcases the broad reach of 96.9 The Legend and the impact of music on people’s lives, he brings us all a little bit closer together.

Tune into BJ’s Bits for a celebration of music, connection, and the incredible diversity of the station’s listenership. It’s a global groove you won’t want to miss!