BJ’s Bits: Astoundingly, I’m Still Here

Join us on this episode of BJ’s Bits as we ponder an intriguing question: What are you astounded is still around in 2023? You won’t believe the answer! Hint: It’s not a relic from the past or an outdated tech gadget, it’s actually…ME!

In this playful and introspective episode, we delve into your humorous and insightful responses that spotlight our host, BJ, and the delightful community we’ve built over the years. We explore how BJ’s Bits has evolved, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the reason why we’re still here – as relevant and entertaining as ever.
But it’s not all about us. We’ll also be touching on the other, less self-centered responses, delving into the objects, habits, and even social norms that have stood the test of time in this rapidly advancing world.

Join BJ as he navigates the waters of self-deprecation, resilience, and the delightful surprises in staying power. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the incredible journey we’ve had together, and look forward to what the future holds on BJ’s Bits – where every bit of story, even the self-referential ones, is worth telling.